IPM Decisions

Increasing the impact of on-farm Decision Support Systems for Integrated Pest Management

Bienvenido to IPM Decisions

The IPM Decisions project will create an online platform that is easy to use for the monitoring and management of pests.

This platform will give farmers and advisers access to a large range of existing Decision Support Systems for their regional conditions.

IPM Decisions was commissioned as Part A (SFS-06-2018) of a two part H2020 call.   Part B of the call (SFS-06-2020) will fund a European wide demonstration farm network for IPM. For those leading proposals for Part B, a ‘letter of intent’ can be provided from IPM Decisions, describing how we envisage engaging with the successful consortium to maximise joint impact from the two projects.
Please contact the IPM Decisions coordinator directly: neil.paveley@adas.co.uk

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