For DSS developers and providers

Does the Platform require that DSS are free to use?

No. The owner of each DSS decides on the business model for their system. The platform will support systems which are:

  1. Free to use
  2. Free to use simplified version, pay to use for full functionality
  3. Pay to use


How will the Intellectual Property of DSS be protected?

The owner of each system will decide the extent of protection required. The levels of access by users we envisage are:

  1. Full open access (e.g. publically funded DSS) – users can run the DSS and researchers have access to modify parameters within the DSS to improve or adapt the system.
  2. Intermediate access– the user can run the DSS and has the ability to modify only those parameters made available by the owner.
  3. Use access – the user can run the DSS to guide decisions.
  4. Link – the user accesses the DSS through a link to the owners own websiteAn IP agreement will enable the owner to define the level of user access that is acceptable. For all DSS on the platform, branding of the DSS accessed through the platform will be guided by the DSS owner.


How will DSS integrate with the online platform?

Depending on the extent to which IP of a DSS needs to be protected, and the level of user access to the DSS that is acceptable, integration can be achieved by:

  1. Open and Intermediate Access using API or web service to allow remote running of the DSS (supply of data, return of results and modification DSS parameter values).
  2. Use access, using an API or web service to allow remote running of the DSS and return of results (minimum) and, where appropriate, supply of input data from the platform.
  3. A link from the platform to the DSS existing website along with the provision of a simplified version of the full DSS to show the potential of the DSS to platform users. This would increase the visibility of the DSS to potential users, but would not use the full functionality of the platform.


What commitment is needed from DSS developers/providers?

  1. We do not expect owners of confidential or ‘pay for use’ DSS to make any binding commitment to integrate their DSS with the platform. An expression of interest would make DSS owners stakeholders of the project.
  2. Where DSS are already in the public domain (through publication or open access) the assumption will be that either the DSS owners or the IPM Decisions Platform developers are free to integrate the DSS into the platform.


The IPM Decisions project will:

  1. Engage with stakeholders on the development of the platform and integration of DSS into the platform.
  2. Ensure that DSS owners are consulted, acknowledged and that ‘branding’ is respected for any system used.
  3. Work with DSS owner stakeholders to maximise the suite of DSS available through the platform.