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IPM Decisions, H2020 project stimulating use of IPM DSS in Europe
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IPM Decisions newsletter

The IPM Decisions team is pleased to present you the first newsletter on the progress of the IPM Decisions project.


User stories confirm we’re on the right track

Over 161 farmers and advisers from Finland, Greece, Italy, Sweden, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom have provided their feedback on what functionality they would like to see within the IPM Decisions dashboards. The key messages are that the information must be meaningful to the individual, providing a simple, easily understood message that allows a decision to be made.


Risk models can help to reduce the use of fungicides against septoria

Risk models for septoria tritici blotch in wheat can help to support farmer's decisions about when fungicides are needed. In a collaboration with different Nordic and Baltic partners two risk models have been tested for their validity.


Stakeholder’s behaviour regarding the use of Decision Support Systems

In the framework of the IPM Decisions project, workshops were held across the 12 participating countries across Europe between December 2019 and February 2020. A total of N=380 survey responses were collected from 16 workshops across 12 countries in Europe. Here, we summarize some of the most interesting messages we have so far extracted from the survey responses.


Successful stakeholder consultation

More than 375 people attended 12 workshops across Europe, and expressed their interest, needs and wishes for the IPM Decisions platform.


Opportunity for Farmers, Consultants and Developers to influence IPM Decisions online platform for IPM DSS

IPM Decisions recently held its first round of workshops with farmers, consultants and developers across Europe; discussing the needs and design of our online IPM Decision Support Systems platform.

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