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IPM Decisions, H2020 project stimulating use of IPM DSS in Europe
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IPM Decisions platform update for the summer season

On the 27th March the platform was updated, with even more Decision Support Systems (DSS) for Integrated Pest Management (IPM). The platform now has 26 DSS integrated in the platform and a further 17 DSS accessible through a link to the providers webpage. Users are now also able to compare and adapt DSS to suit their needs.


IPMWORKS demonstrates the impact of IPM on pest control in the European Parliament

From 13 to 16 February 2023, IPMWORKS organised an exhibition in the European Parliament in Strasbourg. During the exhibition, IPMWORKS agronomy experts and farmers from across Europe presented the project´s results and good IPM practices to over 40 MEPs from a wide range of countries and political groups.


New online toolbox for Integrated Pest Management knowledge sharing launched

In the face of rising pesticide resistance and the need to reduce the use of chemical pesticides, the change in agricultural production and crop protection methods is a major challenge in Europe. Farmers and their advisors are looking for new ways to improve crop protection through holistic approaches to integrated pest management (IPM). A new IPM Resource Toolbox aims to make it simpler to access digital resources that support this advance.

DSS, Platform

IPM Decisions platform, update with more IPM DSS

On 12 January 2023 the IPM Decisions Platform has been updated with more DSS for the 2023 growing season. Another update is planned in March 2023.

DSS, DSS Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus, test users

DSS Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus currently active

We are looking for advisors/farmers that use, or are willing to test, the DSS Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus for their farm/clients.

DSS, Platform

Platform IPM Decisions online

The platform is the place for decision support in integrated crop management. Farmers, consultants and researchers can access a wide range of decision support systems (DSS) and weather data from across Europe via a dashboard.


IPM Decisions platform launch, access to IPM DSS

On 19 September 2022 the IPM Decisions Platform will be launched: an open access ‘one-stop shop’ for decision support in Integrated Pest Management (IPM): WWW.PLATFORM.IPMDECISIONS.NET.


Platform Launch on September 19, 2022

On Monday 19 September 2022 IPM Decions will launch the IPM Decions Platform.

IPM Works

Farm demo policy dialogue and farm demo conference 2022

On May 10th 2022, the three H2020 projects NEFERTITI, IPMWORKS and IPM Decisions jointly organized a Policy Dialogue event near Brussels. Presentations and discussions were combined with a visit to a demonstration farm that implements holistic Integrated Pest Management, thus significantly reducing pesticide use.

IPM Works
Farm Demo Conference

Farm Demo Conference Brussels, 11th May 2022

NEFERTITI, IPMWORKS and IPM Decisions jointly organize the 2nd Farm Demo Conference, on May 11th, Herman Teirlinck building, Havenlaan 88, Brussels

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